The Impossibility of Measuring our Connectivity:
New Paintings and Drawings

Talley Dunn Gallery
January 13 – February 24, 2018

The Impossibility of Measuring Our Connectivity features six large canvases and eight works on paper all of which represent an exciting new direction in the artist’s body of work. These dynamic new paintings and drawings embrace a brighter palette than the artist has used in over a decade, but, more importantly, they signal a shift in his working methods.

Throughout his career, Reveles has explored the expressive possibilities of line and space to create abstract compositions inspired by the landscapes to which he has personal connections. While the work in this exhibition does indeed represent a shift, the best aspects of Reveles’ aesthetic are carried forward: the movement within each composition, a bold impression that draws you in, surprising depth, and intricacy that rewards sustained viewing. Perhaps above all these, the defining quality that underpins these paintings and drawings is balance – balance that is so complete it makes one realize that the term itself is perhaps much overused. Reveles has managed to evolve his techniques without losing any of the evocative power of his earlier works. The resulting works are less gestural and more controlled with layers of intricacy and detail. As a group, they seem to pulse with energy while each has a commanding presence all its own. The intimate scale of Poulaphouca 5, 2016 reflects the sumptuousness of the gouache in which it is rendered. Meanwhile, The Impossibility of Measuring our Connectivity #10, 2017 is as engaging when viewed from a close proximity as it is when seen from greater distances.