Matthew Sontheimer

LUX Center for the Arts; Lincoln, Nebraska
March 1 – March 31, 2019

From the LUX Center for the Arts: 

When I was in third grade, I entered a classroom where a teacher and student were arguing about a single sheet of loose-leaf paper the student had turned in covered with weeks of homework assignments.  This astonishing number of hand-written calculations included a crudely drawn dump truck carrying a load of even more mathematical work.  Since I was just passing through, I never learned the outcome of the conversation or whether the teacher saw any validity in this student’s unusual presentation of his homework, and I never saw that sheet of paper again.

My work relates to completing the rest of the story lost in that moment; it is a continual conversation that uses both verbal and visual language to discuss and illustrate the endless field of questions and solutions daily crossing my consciousness.

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