Talley Dunn Gallery
August 26 – October 7, 2017

Anila Quayyum Agha, Helen Altman, Jennifer Bartlett, David Bates, Tim Bavington, Natasha Bowdoin, Julie Bozzi, Margarita Cabrera, Dale Chihuly, Rachel Cox, Leonardo Drew, Jeff Elrod, Vernon Fisher, Pia Fries, Francesca Fuchs, Ori Gersht, Joseph Glasco, April Gornik, Kana Harada, Joseph Havel, Butt Johnson, Ted Kincaid, Rima Canaan Lee, Melissa Miller, Cynthia Mulcahy, Amy Myers, Robyn O’Neil, Aaron Parazette, Sam Reveles, Linda Ridgway, Susie Rosmarin, Matthew Sontheimer, Erick Swenson, Liz Ward, Sarah Williams, Xiaoze Xie

Talley Dunn Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of THIS IS NOW – a celebration of the gallery and the artists that it represents.  This exhibition marks the completion of an exciting, new interior renovation at the 10,000 square foot Talley Dunn Gallery and features new works by gallery artists.  Having worked in the Dallas gallery community for over twenty-five years and eighteen years at the gallery’s current location, Talley Dunn brings together thirty-five artists for this dynamic exhibition.

THIS IS NOW highlights not only Talley Dunn’s longstanding relationships with the artists that the gallery represents, but also features a new group of artists joining the gallery’s expanding program.  With this exhibition, the gallery introduces several new artists of international renown to the gallery’s roster.   Joining the gallery this year and exhibiting in THIS IS NOW are Anila Quayyum Agha (b. 1965 Pakistan ), Tim Bavington (b. 1966 England) , Pia Fries (b. 1955 Switzerland), Ori Gersht (b. 1967 Israel), Butt Johnson (b. 1979 New York), and Cynthia Mulcahy (b. 1966 Texas).   This exhibition marks the first time that these artists are exhibiting at Talley Dunn Gallery, and all of these artists that are new to the gallery will be working toward solo exhibitions at Talley Dunn Gallery in 2018 and 2019.

THIS IS NOW includes a broad range of work with painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, and installation, as the artists in this exhibition have contributed significant works of art, representing their current direction and interests.  In most cases, the artwork for this show comes directly from the artists’ studios and has not been exhibited previously.  From the abstract paintings of Ireland based artist Sam Reveles to the exquisitely delicate sculpture of Kana Harada to the monumental wall sculpture of New York based Leonardo Drew, the exhibition creates a varied landscape of multimedia works.  With thirty-five artists exhibiting, THIS IS NOW showcases the tremendous talent of the artists associated with the gallery and is indicative of the ambitious projects and exhibitions ahead for these artists and the gallery.

In addition to the exciting contributions of six new artists to the gallery, there are outstanding works in this exhibition by artists that have been associated with Talley Dunn for more than twenty years, including David Bates, Linda Ridgway, Vernon Fisher, Julie Bozzi, Dale Chihuly, and Melissa Miler to name a few.   Over the years, the gallery has aligned itself with artists pushing the boundaries of their practice to create innovative and though-provoking works.

Deeply committed to the diverse stable of artists that the gallery represents, Talley Dunn Gallery has distinguished itself through supporting artistic growth and ambitious programming at the gallery, itself, and beyond with museum projects across the country and overseas.  With exceptional works of art by artists that are fully engaged in the art world, this exhibition reflects the gallery’s commitment to supporting artists and their pursuits.