Margarita Cabrera
Space In Between

Ruth and Elmer Wellin Museum of Art, Hamilton College
February 10 – June 10, 2018

Space in Between is a collaborative, social-practice project that is a continuation of Margarita Cabrera’s ongoing work with Spanish-speaking immigrant communities in the United States. Launched through a partnership between the artist, the Arizona State University Art Museum, and the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, this initiative centers on the creation of artworks and promotion of cultural dialogues around community, craft, immigration, cultural identity, and labor. Participants in the workshops are immigrants to the United States from Mexico and Central America, and they have worked with Cabrera to produce sculptural replicas of desert plants indigenous to the Southwestern United States. Made from border-patrol uniforms, the works on view are fabric forms that incorporate stories—stitched into the material itself—of the often-harrowing experiences of Latin Americans crossing the U.S. border. The participants are not artists but rather individuals who share their tales of passage and its impact on their lives and the lives of their families.

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