Bill’s Junk Road Show with Bill Davenport

Talley Dunn Gallery
April 11 – April 14, 2019

Bill’s Junk, the Houston nexus of high art, low craft, nature, and salvage is going on the road! Bill Davenport has loaded all his best junk into a repurposed firework stand and will open it in the courtyard of Talley Dunn Gallery during the Dallas Art Fair. Bargains galore on owls, painted rocks, fake pizza, puzzles, driftwood, signs, books, curiosities and thrift store masterpieces. Bill himself will be on site all weekend to entertain, amaze, and relieve the Metroplex of its spare cash in exchange for his mostly handmade wares.

Bill’s Junk Road Show is part of ANTIDOTE, a triad of exhibitions and programming at Talley Dunn Gallery this April. ANTIDOTE will also feature fresh, a group exhibition of important prints and multiples by internationally-recognized artists, and Analia Saban, a solo exhibition of editioned work by the Argentine conceptual artist.

ANTIDOTE will kick off on Thursday, April 11 with the appearance of Bill’s Junk Road Show at the Talley Dunn Gallery courtyard. For one weekend only, audiences have a unique opportunity to take part in a different kind of art scene, by browsing the junk at Bill Davenport’s alternative market and ongoing participatory project. Who knows what might be found!