We stand in solidarity with movements to protect Black people and dismantle systems of violence and oppression.

While we are not able to be on the frontlines, we are doing what we can to support this movement and actively be anti-racist, and strongly encourage you to do the same. We stand with those in the community who are doing the work to make change, and hope you will join us in this fight.

Here are some ways to get involved.

A place to start


  • Donate to reputable organizations that support the safety and uplifting of Black people.
  • Have tough conversations with people in your life. When you hear/see something inappropriate, take the time to educate those around you and stop the perpetuation of racist thought/behavior.
  • Educate yourself on the issues. There is a long history of oppression, violence, wrongful convictions and withholding of resources, and understanding that history will help you better understand how you can help.
  • Support the Black people in your life; check in with them, offer whatever help you can.
  • Do not share/re-post images and videos of Black people being harmed or killed. This is deeply traumatic and weighs heavily on Black people.

Where to support


Resources for learning




When They See Us

LA 92



Your Silence Will Not Protect You – Audre Lorde

If Beale Street Could Talk – James Baldwin

Are Prisons Obsolete? – Angela Davis

How to be an Anti-Racist – Ibram X. Kendi

The New Jim Crow – Michelle Alexander

White Fragility – Robin DiAngelo