In TDG’S latest Q&A series, Meredith checks in with artist Natasha Bowdoin. The two talk Bowdoin’s recently finished semester at Rice University in Houston, how she’s adjusting to shelter-in-place, creating art with her toddler, her latest projects, and more!


1:23 – How was adjusting to class from home for you and your students?

6:37 – Now that the semester is over, what does a typical day for you look like?

10:41 – What are a few things that have brought you joy lately?

17:13 – Are you making new work? If so, what are you focusing on?

22:37 – How has your connection to art changed while in quarantine (or as we like to call it, artist in residence)?

27:19 – Is your need to create work thriving? And/ or has this pandemic caused any creative fatigue?