Talley Dunn Gallery invites you to stay connected with us in a new Q&A series!
This week we’re answering your questions from how the gallery got its start to what we envision for the future.
Question timestamps:
1:27 – How did each of you come to your position at the gallery? In other words, what’s the backstory of your professional life in an art gallery?
5:53 – Assuming you were all art enthusiasts or artists yourselves before getting involved in the business side of things, how did that change your views on art, if at all?
12:47 – Trini, what are some unusual installation challenges that people may not be aware of?
14:56 – Could you name one or two artists that you like that worked before 1800?
20:40 – What are your major interests besides visual arts?
24:07 – What do you envision for the future of the Texas art scene when this pandemic is over and we return to something like normal? Specifically: Are there lessons we should learn from this experience?
30:13 – Should we even expect to go back to business as usual, or should we seek opportunities to change how we work within/relate to the art market? + Do we [artists] need to rethink the traditional Artist/Gallery relationship?