ULAE - Group Show

Amy Cutler, Carroll Dunham, Mark Fox, Jane Hammond, Jennie Jones, Jasper Johns,
Elizabeth Murray, Ed Rushca, James Siena, Kiki Smith, Richard Tuttle, Cy Twombly,
Terry Winters, and Christopher Wool

January 15 – March 7, 2015


Talley Dunn Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of its group exhibition featuring lithographs and intaglio prints by an extraordinary lineup of artists, including Amy Cutler, Jasper Johns, Richard Tuttle, Elizabeth Murray, Jane Hammond, Ed Ruscha, Christopher Wool, Terry Winters, Carroll Dunham, Jennie Jones, James Siena, Mark Fox, Cy Twombly and Kiki Smith.  This exhibition of multiples will be on view in the Main Gallery from January 15th through March 7, 2015, and will open with a reception on Thursday evening, January 15th from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.


The exhibition presents viewers with a special opportunity to see a classic series of one-color intaglio prints completed by Cy Twombly in 1967 as well as recently completed projects by Christopher Wool, Jennie Jones, Mark Fox, Terry Winters, and Richard Tuttle created in collaboration with the master printmakers at Universal Limited Arts Editions (ULAE).  A tradition in the world of American printmaking, ULAE was founded in 1957 by Tatyana Grosman and was one of the first fine arts presses to work with Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg.


Highlights from the exhibition include Twombly’s Note series, in which all four of the intaglios offer his signature mark of calligraphic abstraction and Christopher Wool’s new portfolio Portraits (b/w), which show the spray painted lines, acts of erasure, abstract forms created in Photoshop characteristic of his most recent painting. Jennie Jones’ new project, Five Point One Surround, considers the formal connections between modernist abstraction and jazz music, particularly the importance of variation and improvisation.